Bernie Madoff Ponzi

This token is dedicated to the biggest swindle in the history of mankind.

BM title 123

The PONZI token was originally created using SAFEMOON technology, a format inherent in many tokens, but we changed our mind about using this technology because it creates great unfairness for holders. Early investors who bought a large number of coins have an advantage over later investors, which manifests itself as follows. The problem is that there is a 10% to 20% commission on the purchase or sale of tokens. Early investors have a large number of tokens and receive very large rewards, also many tokens burn a certain amount of coins, however this does not create a coin shortage it creates the appearance that the number of coins will decrease, but there are a lot of coins and it will take over 50 years to do so. Generally developers have more than 50% of their tokens, they redeem their tokens first and withdraw liquidity every day, this is a problem with all tokens created so far.
We want fairness. Our tokens are limited, there are no commissions and there is no token burning. Early investors will not be able to get more PONZI tokens, participants who are patient and patient and keep PONZI tokens longer will win.


Charles Ponzi


Maximum offer (which corresponds to the official damage that Bernie Madoff has done to his investors) 64,800,000,000

No commissions on buying and selling PONZI

Slippage: 0.1-0.5%


Q4 2021


Develop Smart Contract ✅

Website Launch ✅

Mass marketing

PancakeSwap Launch ✅

Advertising Campaigns

Various ads on social


Nomics listing ✅

Coinpaprika listing ✅

CoinGecko listing

CoinMarketCap listing


Website Redesign

Large influencer marketing push

Exchange Listing

Q1 2022

In development will be presented 01/22/2022